Pedagogical continuity for librarian teachers

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This page presents a set of resources testifying to the diversity of the methods by which librarian teachers contribute to pedagogical continuity in the acquisition of info-documentary skills, access to reading, and more broadly to culture, and in the appropriation of the resources available to the CDI.



This page has been developed from existing academic productions. It shows how numerous the initiatives have been and illustrates the diversity of the levers by which the librarian teacher can contribute to the work of the educational teams to implement educational continuity.


 librarian teachers

This content does not claim to be exhaustive and the proposals for actions and sequences are to be adapted according to local conditions. It is part of the general eduscol pages dedicated to the educational continuity plan and digital educational resources.

Like all teachers, librarian teachers participate in the implementation of educational continuity. Thus, their missions, defined by the circular of March 28, 2017 , can be broken down to meet the requirements of a distance or hybrid education context. These are in particular:

Drive and strengthen actions in media and information literacy in collaboration with the teaching team

Implement pedagogical actions of teaching and documentary mediation

Maintain contact with students

Promote cultural openness and reading, in particular by mobilizing partnerships with libraries

For Documentation

Edu base lists the educational practices and scenarios promoted by the academies, in connection with digital education.

The Édu Num Documentation letter n°64 of March 2020 offers a zoom dedicated to educational continuity.

The Édu Num Documentation letter n°65 of May 2020 takes stock of the involvement of librarian teachers in academies as part of educational continuity.

Cultural partners and ministry operators

A certain number of resources can more particularly be mobilized by librarian teachers, here is a non-exhaustive selection:

the 2020 digital offers of the press week identified by the Liaison Center for Education and Information Media (CLEMI)

the site , which offers 3,400 content indexed by level and discipline, from kindergarten to high school and 124 educational tracks (exercises from videos that students watch at home)

the Educ’Arte site offers free access to its resources

resources selected by the Gallica site of the National Library of France , including 150 EPUBs selected by the Ministry of National Education and Youth

Academic sites in documentation

The academic documentation sites offer librarian teachers a selection of resources and actions aimed at promoting pedagogical continuity: pedagogical sequences and sessions for the different levels of education, examples of collaborative walls, monitoring, etc.

More generally, aid for the implementation of distance learning, training is organized in academies. Teachers can of course ask their inspectors.

Clermont-Ferrand (the academy offers two resource walls accessible on the site’s home page)

The CDI/CCC online for free information, reading, listening, visiting…

The academic documentation sites are mobilizing to offer resources in order to ensure educational continuity and to carry out actions in media and information education.

Documentalist teachers and CRCN

The selection of resources below offers ways to help assess students’ digital skills in the context of educational continuity:

Documentalist teachers and the CRCN , document produced by Magali Lesince, TraAM referent in Limoges and librarian teacher in middle school. This document reviews what the CRCN is, and offers links with the EMI framework and matrix, educational scenarios and testimonials.


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