Why section 3 is critical in the GAMSAT examination and how to prepare for it?

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GAMSAT is one of the challenging exams for pursuing medical education. The exam has multiple sections, each one testing different competencies and skill sets. As preparation for every section is instrumental in overall success in the exam, you have to opt for different strategies for each section.

The third section, known as reasoning in biological and physical science, covers the science part. It is packed with several scientific concepts including numerous equations and physics formulas. Based on your background and current level, you would have to give more time to different sub-sections. Let us explore section 3 in detail and get some effective tips for preparation.

GAMSAT examination

Why is section 3 critical in preparation?

Section 3 is the final part of the examination and is also the longest one. The section aims at testing your knowledge of science, in all three subjects, biology, physics, and chemistry.

Given the complexity of the section, it is the most daunting and challenging one for most students. However, preparing with the right strategy helps you deeply understand the concepts and get a complete hold of formulae and equations.

Tips to prepare for GAMSAT Section 3

Here are some tips to plan your preparation for section 3, conquer your apprehensions, and score high.

Start your revision early

Cramming is not the way to go with science subjects, especially for the GAMSAT exam. It is more about developing skills and gaining command over concepts and problem-solving. Practice enough well in time can help you achieve that. The more you practice, the more confident you become and get rid of anxiety and stress.Study guides such as thisĀ CPA exam study guide, among others, can surely benefit you and make you competitive during the examination.

Make a schedule

Studying for GAMSAT can easily become overwhelming as the syllabus covers an extensive list of topics. Make a plan to simplify your preparation. Enlist the topics and plan by giving more time to the ones that you find more difficult. Keep checking the topics you have completed to get a sense of relief.

Use multiple resources

While Acer provides the authentic study material for the exam, there are plenty of resources to study from for all three disciplines. You can use GAMSAT or A-level books or study from the Internet. You can also explore videos for intricate topics on various websites as visualization makes it easy to understand and learn.

Get acquainted with the mental math

With technology taking over lives, people have become more reliant on machines for calculations. However, you will not be allowed to use a calculator in the GAMSAT exam. For that reason, it is crucial to brush up on your mental math. Learn to manipulate fractions or get acquainted with the log and other scientific notations.

Give separate time to equations

Equations may be provided for some questions but it is not a given. Better is to rely on your knowledge than anything else and learn the most commonly used equations.

Practice and time yourself

Practice is the key to perfection also when preparing for the GAMSAT. This helps in learning about the style and format of the questions in section 3. Also, simulate the examination conditions for your practice. Meaning, keep your calculators aside and complete a sample paper within time. This will give you more confidence for the big day.

Stay calm and focused

Finally, stay calm and focused. Make sure that you adhere to the schedule you have prepared and jot down your progress. Trust your hard work and be confident in your preparation.


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