An action plan for a better mastery of modern foreign languages

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The ministry provides school teachers with an innovative digital voice assistant solution for learning English in elementary school. Based exclusively on oral interactions, Captain Kelly is an educational resource that aims to assist school teachers in conducting English language activities to build students’ lexical and syntactic knowledge and train their oral comprehension and pronunciation in English.

certification for teaching
certification for teaching

Continue the teacher certification process in 1st and 2d degrees

The additional certification for teaching in a foreign modern language of a DNL is now open to primary school teachers ( memorandum n°2019-104 of 07/16/2019 ). It concerns the teaching in a foreign language of a non-linguistic discipline within the European and Oriental language sections of colleges and high schools, binational sections and any other specific system or context (Emile classes at school or college by example) where the teaching of a non-linguistic subject is done in a foreign language.

The modern languages ​​plan continues to be rolled out. Ten concrete measures are implemented on the basis of the proposals of the report “Proposals for a better mastery of modern foreign languages, dare to say the new world”

Mastering modern languages ​​is an essential skill for student success . It is in this sense that the Languages ​​Plan aims to strengthen the achievements of pupils from primary school onwards by strengthening language and language teaching . In secondary school, European classes and the teaching of non-linguistic subjects in modern languages ​​continue to develop in middle school and high school. The design of innovative methods of language teaching, the creation of assessment and positioning tools as well as the dynamics of strengthening international teaching attest to a proactive policy in favor of modern foreign languages.

Pursue the creation of bilingual schools

At the start of the 2020 academic year, most departments have at least one bilingual school in a major international language (action 9 of the modern languages ​​plan). In these schools, pupils benefit from at least three hours per week of teaching in a modern language and up to half of the total school timetable. Consult the resources to support teachers and educational teams in this process.

Pursue the “Euroscol” labeling process

The “Euroscol” label is aimed at schools and public and private establishments under contract who wish to make openness to Europe a strategic lever in the service of the success of all pupils, their mobility and the strengthening of language learning and consider the eventual creation of a European education area.

The English placement test for third graders

It is a question of better attesting the level of the pupils with the creation in June 2021 of a positioning test in English, online, for all 3rd year pupils, designed by France Education International. It aims to recognize the level of proficiency of students on the level scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL) for written and oral comprehension activities as well as knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

The modern languages ​​certificate backed by the 2021 baccalaureate diploma

As part of the new baccalaureate from the 2021 session, a modern language certificate will be issued at the same time as the diploma to each high school student at the end of their final year. The certificate will indicate the level reached in LVA and LVB (modern foreign languages ​​and modern regional languages) for each pupil in the general and technological route, according to the levels described by the CEFR.

Reference resources for teaching modern languages

A variety of educational resources are made available to teachers to support them in the implementation of programs and help them set up educational methods in favor of learning of and in modern languages ​​(thanks to the development of so-called non-linguistic disciplines, in particular ), from school to high school.


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